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“The Brave Apron”
“Just for fun, I rolled the dough like a jelly roll loaded with some yummy Ficoco spread slathered inside.”


“The Skinny Plate”
“I think the seeds adds a little something to the texture of the jam so I like it. A nice change from my usual strawberry or blueberry jams.”


“The Noshery”
“I absolutely loved it! It’s figs and cocoa how can you go wrong? …it was a delight. It was like a new Nutella but totally different.”


“Chef Luz's Blog”
“After eating it, there was silence. Words were not necessary! Try it ~ sooner, than later! You’ll thank me!”


“Eat Travel Write”
“The sharpness of the figs is a perfect pairing with the sweet apricots and chocolate chips. I will use it again instead of the almond butter, no question.”


“Garden Grocery Gadget Girl”
“There have been many brilliant pairings of chocolate with another delicious ingredient that instantly creates something much better than the sum of the parts…chocolate has finally met its perfect match. FIGS!”


“Green Eyed Siren”
“I wanted something with a quality reminiscent of a pecan pie-type situation, and that happy little jar of FiCoCo just sang out to me. And the result is good. Very good.”


“The Skinny Plate”
“A nice change from my usual strawberry or blueberry jams. Fig lovers will like this, but those who don’t like sweet stuff probably won’t. Besides enjoying this on bread, makes for a great stir-in for oatmeal, Greek yogurt, and ICE CREAM.”


“Cheese + Champagne, One Hundred Years, One Hundred Cheeses”
“For a light(ish) dessert after Sunday’s steak and potatoes dinner, I served my favorite-cheese-of-the-month, a creamy Cambozola, with Ficoco – a sweet and tangy fig and cocoa spread, and macerated strawberries.”


“Cheesemonger’s Weblog”
“Holy smokes what a divine creation. Ficoco is a sweet, trans fat-free spread made from Dalmatian figs and cocoa and pure cane sugar. Now I ask you…what’s not to like about something with cocoa and sugar…oh right…and don’t forget, figs???”


“Ficoco Blogger-Joe & Betsy”


“Pittsburgh Needs Eated”
“My latest find was Ficoco, a Fig and Cocoa spread that's made in Croatia (who finds these things??) If you're a fan of figs, raisins, or other dark tasting fruits you'll love this spread. I think the combination of figs and chocolate is kind of sexy. I ate it for breakfast today on some buckwheat crepes. I think it'd be great spread on some bread or mixed into some yogurt/ice cream too.”


“Elly Says Opa”
“…I was on my own for dinner. I decided on breakfast for dinner and broke in the Ficoco by spreading it on some toast. I think I'm in love. The cocoa is such a nice complement to the figs. It gives it a deeper almost liqueur-y like taste. If you like similar dried fruits like prunes, dates, raisins, etc., you will like Ficoco.
“This would be great on crepes, scones, thumbprint or linzer cookies. If you are into fruit with your meat (sadly, I have not yet gone to that dark side), it would be good with pork, I imagine. And, it's only 60 calories and 0g fat per tablespoon (take that, Nutella).”


“Lavender Sky: What Flavor Do You Dream In?”
“Fond of Ficoco…So, what can you do with it? Eat it on gelato. Sandwich macaroons. Dip madelines in it. Add it to a muffin as a surprise center. Layer a cake with it. Stuff French toast. Make thumbprint cookies. Swirl it in ice cream while still churning. Add a dollop to spicy mole for duck. The list goes on, but the bottle doesn't, so stock up!”


Becoming a Foodie
“On Valentine's Day, I profess my love for Ficoco. … This stuff is amazing. Figs and cocoa.”


Chowhound: For Those Who Live to Eat
Ficoco embraced by the passionate, tireless Chowhound community. Usage and recipes shared.


The Chocolate Nerd: “Loco for Ficoco”
“So far, this Ficoco spread is one of the more sensible acquisitions - it tastes awesome on muffins, sits pretty in your cupboard, is fat free and full of basic good stuff--figs, sugar, cocoa, so I've been spreading liberally!”

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ABC News in Canada did a story on chocolate cravings and mentioned Ficoco being available at Whole Foods.

The Oregonian
see PDF

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